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alex. 16. florida. multifandom. writer. amhs color guard 2013-2014.

interests include harry potter, percy jackson, musical theatre, and doctor who.

usually not an nsfw blog, but tagged as such for the rare occasions.not a spoiler-free blog.

sometimes i say things.

i am watching battlestar galactica.
cause i needed more nerd points.

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in puerto rico, land of very slow wifi and bad cell reception.
coming back thursday afternoon. see you guys then.

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best part of this so far - racecar bed. #awwyiss

best part of this so far - racecar bed. #awwyiss

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"the band bus is quiet" lol.

"the band bus is quiet" lol.

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i used to really love glee and then it got crappy so i stopped watching it

but i just watched 100 and EVERYTHING FEELINGS

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i hate you
so much
you cannot give me attitude just because you’re my teacher.
i’m so annoyed with this. you can be disrespected because they’re an authority figure but you still can’t do anything about it.

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chemistry doodle

chemistry doodle

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Watch "Tarpon Springs High School 2014 WGI WORLD CHAMPION" on YouTube →

Tarpon Springs High School 2014 WGI WORLD CHAMPION:

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"Some women are
lost in the fire.
Some women are
built from it."
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